Friday, March 23, 2012


...I realize I have not about....*looks*

a year? wow.....I thought I was better than that.

In my defense, I don't exactly have anyone following my posts, so...I am allowed to slip up, okay?

Let's see----

Since last Feb 2011, I have moved out of my bachelor suite back into my mother's house, than about 3 weeks later, I moved from Saskatoon, SK, to Vancouver, BC. At that point, I took my holidays and visited my friends and stayed with them for about a month and 3 weeks collectively----and than got myself a place (That I am required to move out of by June).

I have been to Vcon in the artist Gallery. I even have my name listed in the mentioned artists under awards (I got a sketch book as a condolence for this year).

Attended Tsukino-con last month (Feb) as an artist, and intend to attend Vancouver Comic Con in May.

Right now, I am struggling to do a last minute project for a comic anthology going on--that is, finding an old fairy tale and turning it into 5 pages of comic, within.....well, within about 6 days. I have no idea what I want to draw!! it has to be something I can pull off without too much trouble.
It is already 3pm of my second day off work, and I have 0 progress....except I found some stories to work with----oh, but I haven't chosen. After today, it is up to me to use my time after work wisely.......oh, I know how this goes...

On the bright side, I now vaguely know several folk stories from different places....Haha! after spending hours sorting through them briefly.

However since this is an art blog, I am obliged to at least show some recent artwork...

On a completely random note, in fact, suddenly after some random pondering, I have come to realize the character Sherlock Holmes has in fact what we call "asperger's syndrome". I was actually watching that short BBC series the other week, and some old film "Young Sherlock Holmes" in addition to the latest adaptions...this I find amusing. In any case, his character intrigues me, haha.

Until my next blog post......oh, I will update at least once a month.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dragon climbing thin tower

That's about it, he really is.

Don't make him angry, either...that's your house under his tai--oh, I guess you need to find a new place.

and a little sketch I did the other day---I really like it.
He is grinning---only one would know what happens when a dragon grins like that-is it out of humour? or, is he really planning something rather unpleasant.

This is not all of my recent art, but a quick little post for right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharks and Mountains

I am going to bed, with some quick art updates. All completed within this past week, to make up for what I have not done for the past couple months.



I have every intention to add onto this sketch, I managed to come up with a dragon that I'm even too afraid to ruin at this point :p

Anyways, off to bed.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dragons-bloody and colorful

Some more art, I realize I have not updated for a month, though it's felt longer.
Yes, some is gritty. I don't see why not, everyone else does it. Although I always tend to surprise people at times because I'm so shy aka "innocent".

oh, it's raining so hard outside, kind of sucks...but I actually like the rain once it sounds harsh, it drowns all the other things out, including my mind. I don't like gray drizzley days though, depressing and cold. Snow at least make you feel comfy once your inside if it's warm indoors...ususally for me however, it's cold inside...but that's what blankets are for.

I wasn't feeling great that day.

This day I simply thought it was a neat idea, and I wanted to make it more mature. After all, I'm not a child anymore. I also intended it to be more sketchy and less worked on, but I added color.

Some random idea, really, it turned out nothing the way I wanted it to. Humouring myself with my hair color, I was going to make some anime character...but obviously, there's no awsome character, nor pose, or sharp looking outfit design. Why? because Im shit at anime cell coloring, and really bad with line art, esspecially humans. She was supposed to have a front view of looking at viewer, but, didnt' happen. Skills didnt allow it. I rant alot? really?

In progress, It was[really] late, and I had to work, so I went to bed.

Yes, I use color too. This is a coloring of a random sketch that was unproportionate and kind of messy, but I slightly liked it still.....although having one person save it to their favourites was actually what inspired me to work with it again. I intended to scrap the doodle awhile ago.
Really, it doesn't look quite the same anymore.

That's the most of what I got right now.

I'm gonna go live my awsomely slightly depressing Friday with a movie. Night.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recent Art

Most of it is from the last few weeks or month till about 3 days ago.

I drew him after some strange cool Japanese films...I guess they were cool, but different-nothing really related to this, though...but I totally like it-sadly I draw off the page a lot when I dont have any real plans, but I'd like to stretch his back leg further back. I just let whatever I draw come out on its own xd, often I fail, but not this time.

April 3.

By far my best in some aspects, it's not that I don't like scenery, I just dont give myself time, I guess...I tend to procrastinate too much.
Big dragon is meant to blend in with his surroundings, he lives in the canyons. The blue dragon likes to live near the ocean, and the other two are pests that live there. By other two, I also mean the one without 'color'. This isn't technically done, but I can let it go as a speedpainting for now...only those cliffs inside the rock have any detail really.

D.Gray-man fan art...

Yuck, I thought I rotated these already-apparently not.